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The Many Benefits of Investing South Miami-Dade

Enterprise Zone

The Enterprise Zone is a designated area within Miami-Dade County offering fiscal incentives to businesses that locate or expand within the zone, with the objective of encouraging investment and job creation in economically distressed areas. To qualify for these incentives, new jobs have to be created for enterprise zone residents. The reduction in the cost of doing business in Miami-Dade County’s Enterprise Zone can be substantial.

Miami-Dade County’s Enterprise Zone includes the following three parcels – North Central, South Dade and Miami Beach. Both the County and the State provide specific exemptions from their respective taxes. In parcels and portions of parcels which are within a municipality, there may be additional exemptions from city taxes.

South Dade: This parcel covers most of the cities of Homestead and Florida City, as well as Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, Perrine, and Miami-Dade County’s Federal Enterprise Community.

South Miami-Dade Enterprise Map 1

Perrine-Cutler Ridge Enterprise Map 2
The following is a list of incentives offered to businesses located in or relocating to the Enterprise Zone:

Enterprise Zone Tax Benefits

  • Sales Tax Credit for Job Creation

o    20% or 30% of wages paid for new jobs created for Enterprise Zone residents, up to $10,000

  • Sales Tax Refund on Business Equipment

o    97% of Sales Tax exempt in business equipment

  • Sales Tax Refund on Building Materials

o    97% of Sales Tax exempt on building materials used in improvement of real property

  • Sales Tax Exemption for Electricity

o    50% reduction for up to five (5) years (only in unincorporated Miami-Dade County areas)

Corporate Income Tax Benefits

  • Jobs Credit
  • Property Tax Credit
  • Community Contribution Tax Incentive

Administration and Application Procedures

The Economic Development Council will provide assistance with the application process for the Enterprise Zone certification. All completed applications and applicable fees should be forwarded to:

Office of Community and Economic Development

140 West Flagler Street, Suite 11000

Miami, FL 33130

Forms and Applications are available from the Florida Enterprise Zone website:

• Form F-1158Z Enterprise Zone Jobs Credit
• Form DR-15ZC Sales Tax
• Form F-1156Z Corporate Income Tax
• DR-15CS Sales and Use Tax Return Form
• DR-26S Application for Refund for Sales and Use Tax Form
• EZ-E Business Equipment Sales Tax Refund Form
• EZ-M Building Materials Sales Tax Refund Form
• 8E-17TCA#012005 Community Contribution Tax Credit Program Form

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Quick Response Training (QRT) Program (State)

This State of Florida incentive may be available to a company for the training needs of any new employees hired in Miami-Dade County. This is a customer-driven training program designed to assist new value-added businesses and to provide existing Florida businesses with the necessary training for expansion. The training services can be provided through community colleges (Miami-Dade College), state universities (Florida International University), the Miami-Dade County Public School System, vocational-technical centers, consultants, or trainers from the business. The reimbursable training expenses consist of: Instructor’s salaries, curriculum development, textbooks or manuals, and materials or supplies. The Quick Response Training Program is customized, flexible to individual company needs.

Qualified Target Industry (QTI) Tax Refund (State)

This State of Florida incentive is available for companies that create high wage jobs in targeted high value-added industries and may provide the company with a tax refund up to $3,000 per new job created. The QTI Program requires the creation of at least 10 new full-time jobs at salary levels equal to or exceeding 115% of the State annual average wage, or $41,516. For companies that locate or expand within any of Miami-Dade County’s Enterprise Zones, this incentive is increased up to $6,000 per new job created, and the minimum salary requirement may be waived.

Miami-Dade County Targeted Jobs Incentive Fund (TJIF) (County)

This incentive is paid for by Miami-Dade County and is modeled after the State of Florida’s Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund Program, which gives tax refunds to expanding or relocating companies that create jobs. This program seeks to retain existing businesses and to encourage business expansion by providing cash incentive awards to companies that invest in Designated Priority Areas.

The following are Designated Priority Areas:

  • Empowerment Zone
  • Enterprise Zone
  • Target Urban Area
  • Brownfield
  • Community Development Block Grant Areas

The Economic Development Council will work with Miami-Dade County and the Beacon Council to provide you with detailed information. Contact the Economic Development Council at (305) 378-9470.

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