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Metrorail is a rapid transit system of Miami, Florida, serving the immediate metropolitan area. Metrorail currently operates on a 22.4 mile rapid transit line, and is currently the only full-scale metro operating in the state. Due to South Florida’s high water table, the entire system is elevated or at-grade, except for the station at the Miami International Airport’s Intermodal Center, which is planned to be Florida’s first underground rail station. Running from Medley in northwest Miami-Dade to Kendall, Metrorail is one of only three rapid transit systems in the Southeastern United States.

South Miami-Dade Busway

The South Miami-Dade Busway, the first of its kind in Florida, is Miami-Dade Transit’s state-of-the-art alternative to daily traffic congestion. It’s the fastest way to Metrorail from Cutler Ridge, Naranja, and Florida City. The Busway, which began operating in 1997, was built by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) just for Metro bus routes. Express buses that run on the exclusive lanes now swiftly shuttle passengers between Dadeland South Metrorail station and SW 344 Street in an hour or less.

Great destinations are located near Busway stations. Many interesting small shops, restaurants, and shopping malls on US 1 are only a short trip away.

Miami-Dade Metro Mover Route

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